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The Bat Tactical Actions are inletted on the bottom just like a Remington 700 so ADL, BLD, Badger M5 and PT&G M5 bottom metals will work making it extremely universal.

B.T.A. Short Actions in stock!:  $1594.00

.308 Bolt Face RH SA -  Sold Out!

WSM Bolt Face RH SA - Sold Out!

.223 Bolt Face RH SA - Sold Out!

Long Actions in stock!:  On Sale $1544.00

*Get them while they last - it will be 12 to 14 months until we receive more long actions!!

.308 Bolt Face RH LA - Sold Out!

Win Mag Bolt Face RH LA - Sold Out!

.338 Lapua Bolt Face RH LA (CIP) -  Sold Out!

To place an order please call 814-262-7994 or email with name, address, phone number and action or actions wanted.  No deposit is required to reserve one.  Actions are sold in order of the names on the list. Gunsmith orders opened and welcomed.

Shipping is $37.50 insured to $1500.00 to your FFL Dealer.  We accept checks and money orders.